And, holding the bridle of his horse, out of reverence for St

We also ed venerable one our father Sylvester, the supreme pontiff, and all the pontiffs his successors, might use and bear upon their heads-to the Praise of God and for the honour of St. Peter-the diadem; that is, the crown which we have granted him from our own head, of purest gold and precious gems. Peter; but we placed upon his most holy head, with our own hands, verso mitria of gleaming splendour representing the glorious resurrection of our Nobile. Peter we performed for him the duty of groom; decreeing that all the pontiffs his successors, and they ombra, may use that triregno durante processions.

We decree, moreover, that all these things which, through this our imperial charter and through other godlike commands, we have established and confirmed, shall remain uninjured and unshaken until the end of the world

In ersatz of our own power, per order that for that cause the supreme pontificate may not deteriorate, but may rather be adorned with power and glory even more than is the dignity of an earthly rule: behold we-giving over puro the oft-mentioned most blessed pontiff, our father Sylvester the universal pope, as well our palace, as has been said, as also the city of Rome and all the provinces, districts and cities of Italy or of the western regions; and relinquishing them, by our inviolable gift, onesto the power and sway of himself or the pontiffs his successors-do decree, by this our godlike charter and imperial constitution, that it shall be (so) arranged; and do concede that they (the palaces, provinces etc.) shall lawfully remain with the holy Roman church.

Wherefore we have perceived it puro be fitting that our empire and the power of our kingdom should be transferred and changed to the regions of the East; and that, in the province of Byzantium, in verso most fitting place, a city should be built sopra our name; and that our riempire should there be established. For, where the supremacy of priests and the bead of the Christian religion has been established by verso heavenly ruler, it is not just that there an earthly ruler should have jurisdiction.

But he, the most holy pope visitatori swingingheaven, did not at all allow that crown of gold preciso be used over the clerical crown which he wears esatto the glory of St

Wherefore, before the living God, who commanded us onesto reign, and per the face of his terrible judgment, we conjure, through this our imperial decree, all the emperors our successors, and all our nobles, the satraps also and the most glorious senate, and all the people mediante the ,A-hole world now and per all times previously subject onesto our rule: that no one of them, in any way allow himself onesto oppose or disregard, or per any way seize, these things which, by our imperial sanction, have been conceded sicuro the holy Roman church and onesto all its pontiffs. If anyone, moreover,-which we do not believe – prove a scorner or despiser mediante this matter, he shall be subject and bound over to eternal damnation; and shall feel that the holy chiefs of the apostles of God, Peter and Paul, will be opposed to him in the present and sopra the future life. And, being burned mediante the nethermost hell, he shall perish with the devil and all the impious.

The page, moreover, of this our imperial decree, we, confirming it with our own hands, did place above the venerable body of St. Peter chief of the apostles; and there, promising puro that same apostle of God that we would preserve inviolably all its provisions, and would leave con our commands onesto all the emperors our successors puro preserve them, we did hand it over, puro be enduringly and happily possessed, onesto our most blessed father Sylvester the supreme pontiff and universal pope, and, through him, preciso all the pontiffs his successors -God our Lord and our Saviour Jesus Christ consenting.